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Autumn Wine Favorites
Harvest time brings images of bountiful fresh food. If you live where the climate gets cooler, the barbecues are being stowed for the winter, and dining turns to the cozy indoors. Here are some great wines to go with the flavors of this season.

Wine and Recipe Matches

Pinot Noir


Pinot pairs nicely with autumn harvest foods: mushrooms, sweet potatoes, baked squash and Turkey. It's your perfect mate for Thanksgiving dinner!

Did you know it also is fab with ginger, spices and many Asian dishes? Here's a great cozy Fall/Winter recipe to match with Pinot:
Curried Mushroom Hot Pot (Found on All Recipies.com)

Sauvignon Blanc

A full bodied white (aged for a bit in oak) is delish with a creamy pasta dish. Think something a bit sweet, nutty, maybe add some chicken. This Pasta with Creamy Walnut Sauce is perfect. (Found on Weight Watchers.com)



The third Thursday in November is Beaujolais release day! Enjoy this light, young wine with tomatoey pasta dishes, grilled seafood, or a nice cozy stew! Check out Red Mexican Beef Stew with Red Chili Garlic Sauce. (Also found on Weight Watchers.com)


More Great Wine Pairing
You may personally pair nicely with Cabernet, but will it make your taste buds sing with your roast turkey and butter nut squash? Here's a great site for wine pairing tips and recipes:

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