In the beginning...

There was a beautiful sunny day with nothing to do when two girl friends (and a now-ex husband) went to a wine festival. That begat more wine festivals, which begat a growing entourage of vino friends. As these boisterous and bawdy ladies tumbled out of limos throughout California wine country, people began to ask “who are you?”

Founded in 1985...

We became Winegirls®. We were learning about wine and noticed that there were few places to get no-nonsence wine info without a lot of pretense. Then, along came the web and "viola!" we opened our site to all those who wanted to learn along with us.

Winegirls is for all those who want to explore wine and the things that go with good wine, like great food, best friends old and new, beautiful days and good fun. Visit us often. We hope to inspire you to enjoy life with gusto and entertain you with our brand of wine personality. We will never tell you what wine is good or bad. The great thing about wine is that it plays on each other's palate's differently, so it's up to you to decide what you like and don't like.

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